Privacy Policy

What information we collect

When you use SingAdventure, we do not ask for your personal information, such as your full name, email address, password.

When you start the application or visit an item, i.e. bus, bus stop, MRT, place, provided by SingAdventure, we will collect your usage information. These include which item you have visited and your IP address.

When you write your review for an item, we will collect your username as stored in your system. You may choose to exclude or change this information using the option provided in the Review page.

When you share your journey or a place with your friends, we do not ask for your personal information. However, the service you use to share the data, such as Facebook, may ask for your information. The information you provide to these services will not be stored nor used by SingAdventure.

When you find nearby places or direction, your current location will be sent to our server to generate your result. Your location information will be stored in our telemetry server without any of your personal information.

Your frequent list will be stored on your local machine and will be synchronize automatically by Windows 8. We do not store this information on our server.

How we use the information

We use the telemetry information we collect to offer you better experience when using SingAdventure. None of those information will be shared to other third parties.

The username you provided in your review will be used when displaying your review to other users.

The geo-locations sent to our server are recorded to help us pririotize and focus on the region with more active users to improve your overall experience.