Bus routes and arrival time

Seeing all the stops of a bus with a details route on an interative map will make your trip much more comfortable.

You can also get the arrival time of the next buses and set notifications so you will be updated when your bus is about to arrive.

Just turn on "Notify", snap the app to the side and stop worrying about missing the bus again!

MRT map

You can see the all MRT lines, and much information about each station such as position, exits, nearby bus interchange.

The travel time to to other stations is right there on the route as well. Even better, getting the suggesting fastest routes is as easy as clicking on any stations on any lines!

We also provide you with a familiar MRT map image so you can find the route the way you want.

Nearby bus stops and MRT stations

Not sure where is the nearest bus stop, not sure what bus is passing by? Just click Near by button on the homepage and has all those showing on the map with your current position.
Try to tap on a bus stop and see all the passing buses. You can get event more information by tap the Details button on the App bar.

Tip: you can see all the nearby attractions as well!

Location tracking and Getting off notification (upcoming)

In future release, you can set a bus stop or an MRT station or an attraction as the destination and get notification when you are getting closed.


Attractions and Restaurants

You can search for an attraction or restaurant in Singapore or choose any featured place on the home screen to get description, pictures, address, reviews from other users and more.

We are still expanding our place list with more interesting places like cinemas, museums, etc.


Just click the Direction button and you can get a suggesting route by bus and MRT, by driving or on foot.

The route comes with a details list of instructions and an interactive map, so you could easily see where it is, how to go and how long it takes.

Share with your friends

Sharing on Facebook or to your friends' emails is as simple as open the Share charm of Windows 8 and choose how you want to share.

Tip: when sharing an place on Facebook, you can choose one image to be showed on your status. Just press the arrow button to choose the most interesting picture.
And it works with sharing via email as well!


Plan your perfect day

Planning for your day trip would be a breeze!

Just choose all the places and time you want to go, adding all the participants and what you want to bring along in the notes, and never afraid about forgeting your trip again.

Find the direction for the whole journey

You can specify how you want to travel to each place and let us suggest the whole journey for you!

It is much easier to plan the time when all the traveling duration is right in front of you.

Windows 8 Specials

Integrate with Search charm

You can search for buses, bus stops, MRT stations or any interested places so easily, with or even without opening SingAdventure first.

Just open the Search charm, type what you want to search and click on SingAdventure.

Bus Quick Tiles

Pin a tile on your Start screen and you can get the arrival time with just one click. How cool is that?